Caramel The Calf

After a tremendous war that happened 200 years ago, most plantlife is gone. In its place are magic storms that transform corpses and in-animate objects into magic creatures. Defeating them causes them to poof out and drop very random items.

Caramel finds out he is a magic creature, and now worries he doesn't have a soul. The calf seeks to hide his true nature while finding a way to assure his existence.

This is a fantasy manga with lots of action, casual nudity, occasional sex. Shota and loli content.19+, seinen manga, black and white, 19 pages, monthly series. Release date: January 2, 2019

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Pricing: $10 for 15 min. $35 for an hour.

In 15 min I can draw a freehand cute doodle of one character. It will not be very accurate. In one hour I usually can draw one nude character sketched OR inked - pick one! Set your budget by telling me how long you want me to draw for.

Want a background, Color, Or Paint? Do you want me to draw in a certain artist's style? What I can offer is very flexible! Let me know what you want, and I'll give a pricequote.

In-stream Ordering:

Want to watch me draw a commission live? You can watch me on For stream notifications, add me on any of the following sites: pixiv, twitter, Baraag

You can also order art on Discord:

You can add me: CaramelTheCalf#9336

Use this only for business, for ordering art, or for networking.

Art Process

When ordering please describe what you want drawn efficiently. It shouldn't be longer than a couple sentences for a doodle or a couple paragraphs for something longer. If it is fan-art/rule34, let me know the character names and series. I can look up references. I can also draw original characters, please have a character sheet ready.

Once I receive your order, I may ask questions to clarify the details, and I may accept the commission. Doodles get no gesture drawing, they are drawn freehand, what you get is a surprise! For longer works, I make a gesture drawing for approval and go from there.

What can I draw?

Adult, teen, pre-teen, shota, loli. male, female, transgender. I can draw skinny, toned, strong, and chubby characters. Human, fantasy creatures(elf, orc, lizard, goblin, centaur, satyr, and more), anthropomorhpic, furry, dragon, feral, animal. Foreskin, uncut penis, cut penis, human shape, animal shape(horse cock, dog cock, feline cock). humand and animal vagina. regular, large, and hyper size.

What type of fetishes?

SFW and NSFW content. Clothed, partial clothing, nude. Touching, kissing, making out. Exhibitionism, Regular sex. Consensual and semi-consensual sex. Blowjobs, handjobs, penetration(oral, anal, vaginal, cock fucking, nipple fucking). Orgy. Sex toys, dildos, fleshlight. Soft vore, not fatal, (oral, vaginal, anal, and cock vore)

The stages of a commission

Gesture Drawing

I'll loosely draw art based on the description of the commission. If you need a specific pose, you can show me, but keep in mind I cannot draw it exactly, to be fair to the other artist. At this stage you can ask for big changes. You will see the outcome in the inked stage.

Sketch or Ink

After the gesture drawing, I draw either the sketch or inks, depending on what you ordered. Due to the way digital art works, doing both a sketch and an ink would be duplicate work.

You can ask for one pass of small edits.

Color Stage

The art is complete at this point.

If you want additional changes, it will cost extra.

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